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Welcome to our Glossary.

Here you can find the meaning of words and expressions commonly used by computer-users.

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We are looking for more words here, so please mail me any words you don't know and I'll try to find out what they mean. Or send me words you do know and their meaning, so we can add them too and get an even better glossary (either in Dutch or English is fine).

Words in our glossary starting with "V" ...

Glossary ...

Plextors VariRec, is a Variable Recording Function that allows the user to adjust the laser power for the lowest jitter, resulting in better sound quality and increased playability and compatibility with existing CD players (home, auto, CD-ROM drives). Starting from a default laser power setting determined by the drive's evaluation of the media, applications that support VariRec allow the user to modify the laser power slightly up or down to produce the highest quality audio recording.

Variable Bit Rate. Generic expression for an changing bitrates for data communications, depening on the need for more or less bandwidth. The opposite is CBR (Constant Bit Rate).

Older Windows NT variant of VXD. See VXD.

Vector Graphics
As opposed to raster graphics, vector graphics are composed of groups of colored lines. Nowadays, the only time you see things that look like vector graphics is when you are creating 3D models and you haven't rendered them yet. But vector graphics are still used where you can't see them, like in vector based fonts, Corel Draw, etc.

VESA Local Bus
See VLB.

PC screen resolution of 640x480 pixels.

VHDCI is short for Very High Density Cable Interconnect and basically indicates that the connector has become smaller (ie. the pins are smaller). This term is used in combination with the next generation SCSI connectors. It is said that these connectors are more robuste, have better electrical performance, but I think most important: on the same space much more connections (pins) can be placed.

Video error 0x80040111
This common error refers to the fact that the movie you are working with has been encoded using a codec (often a 3rd party) for which your Windows cannot find the appropriate codec, or the appropriate codec has been damaged. Use G-Spot to determine which codec it is.

A freeware tool for working with video files (vut, merge, transcode, sync, capture, etc). Supports formats like DivX, MPEG1, etc. The initiative makes the source code of this application available for free, so a lot of so called mod's can be found on the web. Even those that support MPEG2 and AC3.

Virus Spam
Spam caused by infected computers sending an email with the virus attached to it. Activating the virus often requires you to click the attachement. Golden rule: never open an attachment if you are not expecting one, and only open attachments from people you know! Second rule: do not open EXE, PIF, COM, CMD etc files!

Vesa Local Bus. Populair between 1992 and 1994, specifically designed for the 486 CPU family, for 32-bits communiocation with the CPU. The maximum bus speed was between 128 and 132 MB per second. VLB had some serious flaws. Speed wasn't always optimal. In some cases the bus seepd had to be set to 66 MHz or even 40/50 MHz. Finally the standard had to be set to 33 MHz to limit problems (same speed as PCI). Another issue was the dependency on the 486-processor family.

All DVD movies are stored on a DVD in so-called VOB (Video OBject) files. VOB files usually contains one or more video and audio tracks too, for example Dolby Digital audio and MPEG-2 video. VOB files on a DVD are numbered as follows: vts_XX_y.vob where XX represents the title and Y the part of the title. There can be 99 titles and 10 parts, although vts_XX_0.vob does not contain any video, usually just menu or navigational information. You can find them on a DVD video disc in a subdirectory labelled VIDEO_TS (all upper case).

VOIP = Voice Over IP. Basically used for telephony/voice over regular computer networks. This implies that voice (analog data) needs to be converted to digital data. Timing is critical, all network packages require a certain priority. When downloading a file, it doesn't matter that a package is being delayed. For voice this would mean a moment of silence.

Specialty search engines, topical search engines, vertical portals or "vortals" -- these are web sites which focus on particular topics and which especially allow you to search for information relating to those topics. So, vortals typically provide news, research and statistics, discussions, newsletters, online tools, and many other services that educate users about a specific industry or topic.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
A VPN is a secure, private communication tunnel between two or more devices across a public network (like the Internet). These VPN devices can be either a computer running VPN software or a special device like a VPN enabled router. It allows your home computer to be connected to your office network or can allow two home computers in different locations to connect to each over the Internet. Even though a VPN?s data travels across a public network like the Internet, it is secure because of very strong encryption. If anyone ?listens? to the VPN communications, they will not understand it because all the data is encrypted. In addition, VPN?s monitor their traffic in very sophisticated ways that ensure packets never get altered while traveling across the public network. Encryption and data verification is very CPU intensive.

VXD stands for virtual device drivers. The abbreviation VXD is commonly used in the Windows environment as a .vxd file extension. In older versions of Windows, drivers often have a.DRV extension. In Windows NT virtual device drivers are simply referred to as VDDs. (Windows NT does not support Windows 9x VXDs.) A driver is a program that controls a device (hardware). The driver acts like a translator between the device and programs that use the device. Each device has its own set of specialized commands, or set of routines, that only its driver knows. All devices, printers, keyboards, modems, etc., have a driver program to run with the operating system. Many drivers, such as the keyboard driver, come with the operating system, while other drivers need to be manually loaded into the operating system to connect the device to the computer.

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