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Welcome to our Glossary.

Here you can find the meaning of words and expressions commonly used by computer-users.

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We are looking for more words here, so please mail me any words you don't know and I'll try to find out what they mean. Or send me words you do know and their meaning, so we can add them too and get an even better glossary (either in Dutch or English is fine).

Words in our glossary starting with "2" ...

Glossary ...

2-tier achitecture
Refers to applications that have a code base (1-tier) separate from the database management system (1-tier), such as using Delphi to interact with Microsoft SQL Server (1+1 = 2 tier), for example. The application code resides on the "fat client" which is used to process data. The problem with 2-tier applications is that they become complex and hard to support as the user base increases in size.

24bit color depth
Indicates the use of 16.8 million different colors. It is said to be the maximum amount of colors distintable for the human eye.

Abveration of 2000, here the K represents the value 1000. So 2K menas 2 times 1000 = 2000. Often used in combination with the year 2K problem and Windows 2000 (win2k).

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