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Welcome to our Glossary.

Here you can find the meaning of words and expressions commonly used by computer-users.

Use the query form below to enter a word or part of a word you are looking for. Click the "Search" button to start the search.

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We are looking for more words here, so please mail me any words you don't know and I'll try to find out what they mean. Or send me words you do know and their meaning, so we can add them too and get an even better glossary (either in Dutch or English is fine).

Words in our glossary starting with "4" ...

Glossary ...

When a web browser requests a page and the webserver doesn't have that page available, it returns a 404 Error, which states that the file you are looking for was not found.

HDTV resolution of 640x480 interlace - also refered to as SDTV.

HDTV format of 640x480 progressive scan, also known as EDTV.

Traditional nearly square aspect ratio used for most current analog television screens. This aspect ratio will slowly be phased out in favor of the wider, more panoramic and movie-like 16:9 ratio. The 4:3 ratio performs fine for television programming, which was designed for it, but it creates problems with movie material originally designed for theater release.

4CC means 4 Character Code and is being used in AVI files to identify a codec. For example the code DX50 means DivX 5.0. See also CODEC.

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