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This page is specifically for family and friends who are interested in me and my new live in the USA. This page focuses on the locations, where I came from and where I moved to.

October 26th, 2003, I moved to the US. Below you will find a list of things I did, encounters I had, pictures, people, etc.

It will not be super detailed, but it will give you an idea ...
By the way: More pictures I made can be found at DevianArt.

Over Weethet en de auteur ...


Ulvenhout/Breda - Daar komt Hansie vandaan
This map (partial Europe) show where I came from:
A small, but cozy town in the province "Noord Brabants" - Ulvenhout (next to Breda).

Osceola Wisconsin - Daar leeft Hansie nu
This map of the USA, show where I live now:
A small town called Osceola, in the state Wisconsin.

The weather in Osceola is mostly sunny.
With the exception of 2 or 3 weeks in fall, the weather can be rather cloudy.

Temperatures are very nice here during the summer.
The summer seems to last longer than in Nederland.
Say end of March to mid October.
Temperatures fluctuate between 20 and 35 degrees (Celcius).

When winter comes, temperatures change very fast: within a week from +20 to 0 degrees (Celcius).

Temperaturewise the winter can be very cold - but due to a low humidity it does not feel as bad as it sounds.
In Holland, the high humidity makes the cold go into your clothes - not something that happens here.
Also note that sunshine can make it very pleasant.

It's definitly a landclimate: lot's of snow in the winter (see photo's).

A few people asked me what I make, and what the costs are to live here.
Well, I'm not going to advertise my income here, but it's about the same as what I made in Holland (specially since the Dollar decreased so much in value). However my buyingpower is much higher than what I was used to in Holland.

Taxes are low, and product come cheap, just to give you an idea:
5% Sales tax (Holland: 20%!),
$70 tax for your car ("expensive" because I have personalized license plates!),
Gasoline is about 31 Euro cent per liter (Holland: more than 2 Euros!),
income tax is about 30% (Holland: I paid almost 55%).

As you can see; these are already significant savings ...

Osceola is a small town, and looks like it's in the middle of nowhere.
But it's not as bad as it sounds/looks:
Minneapolis/St.Paul is a drive of about 45 minutes - for american standards nothing big.
Also keep in mind: traffic is way more relaxed than what I was used to in Holland.
A 10 minute drive brings me to supermarktes, bars, car repair shops, etc.
Bigger stores take is within 20 minutes by car.

Oh, and people here are VERY friendly!
And the image most people have on American people is way off.
Nothing like the movies.
They are friendly people, and helpfull people.
With the same wishes and dreams we all have.

I love living here!



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