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Synchronizing subtitles ...

So you ripped a movie to DivX, and you also ripped the subtitels. Weird enough, after playback they seem to be out of Sync ... how do we solve this?

Users of VobSub might be familiar with a program called SubSync. If not then please download it here for free or visit MegaDownloads.

Note: Read the disclaimer first!

Tip: Take a look at these sites for where to download subs: NL-Subs (dutch), Black Phantom (dutch), and SubPage (multiple languages).

Tip: I really highly recommend using VobSub (download from their website or the download page) for use with subtitle playback with DivX movies.

Download DivX

Download DivX here ...


The need for synchronisation might occure in these cases:

  1. You ripped a DVD to DivX, and the subtitles too.
  2. You downloaded a DivX movie and downloaded seperate subs (for example at NLondertitels.com).


SubSync is a pretty easy tool to use for just this purpose.

Download it here or from MegaDownloads website, and install SubSync.

Now start SubSync. This window appears:

SubSync: Sync subtiteles with your DivX

Open the Video file.
Klik the "..." button (next to "Media" - see the red circle) and select your DivX movie.

Open the subtitle file.
Klik the "..." button (next to "Subtitle" - also in the red circle) and select the subtitle file -usually of the type SUB or SRT.

Open the subs.
Click "Edit Subtitles". The "Subtitle Editor" window opens. Here you will see all subtitle lines, including starttime and playback time.

Mark the first subtitle line.
Click the first line (relevant for subtitles that is) and press CTRL+F5. The first line becomes BLUE (you won't see it right away since it's selected now).

Mark the last subtitle line.
Click the last line (relevant for subtitles that is) and press CTRL+F6. The line becomes GREEN (you won't see it right away since it's selected now).

Find the "Blue" and "Green" buttons.

SubSync: sync buttons

Start movie playback.
Click the "Play" button (you know, the little triangle).
As soon as spoken word (or other eason why suns should appear) you click the "Blue" button.

Tip: Sometimes it can be usefull to first watch where this happens. You can always rewind before pressing the "Blue" button.

SubSync: Start the DivX movie

Go to the end of the movie.
Locate the last location where susb should appear. Press the "Green" button as soon as the last line should have appeared.

Now click the "Adjust" button - Subs will now be synchronised.

Verify the result.
I usually start playback and move the slider to the middle of the movie. Then let it play for a few seconds and verify if suns appear on the right moment. If not: redo the entire procedure.

Save the result.
Save the result with "Save Subtitles".



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