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This hack not without risks!
All previous recordings WILL BE WIPED!

The TiVo hack continued .... Install disk in your TiVo and Boot your "new" TiVo.
This is the fourth page of the OS 6.2 hack for DirecTV TiVo's.

Don't forget to read the Disclaimer!

Read these Credits!!!!
many thanks to PTVUpgrade and the folks at DealDatabase.
Without their information, patches, hacks, tricks, and services this hack would NOT have been possible!

Note: if you prefer to use the "6.2 Slice Upgrade method" then please visit David Dellanave's page for more details.

Additional sources:
- PTVupgrade for the best upgrade kits, and their Forum
- TyTools homepage and the WeetHet - TiVo Extraction with TyTool article
- The forum at DealDatabase
- TivoCommunity

TiVo - The DirecTV Series 2 PVRs

Putting the new disk into the TiVo

Now we're ready for our first run.

Remove the TiVo disk from your PC, and install it into the TiVo (look at the pictures where I show you how to get the disk out).
I have not used a dual disk setup - so I have no clue what to do with that. But with a single disk setup, you can leave the jumpers of the disk to MASTER.

Tip: this might also be a good time to clean the fan of your TiVo. Just like with PC's these fans suck in a lot of dust.

After putting the disk into the TiVo, make sure that:

  • The IDE cable is connected to the harddrive
  • The POWER cable is connected to the harddrive
  • The flatcable from the mainboard to the TiVo front is still connected and secure
  • DO NOT CONNECT the phone line!
  • Plug in your USB to Ethernet adapter if you want to use one!

If you're sure about this, then connect the dish cables, the audio/video cables, and your USB ethernet adapter (hooked up to the network). Make sure your TV is ON and on the right channel! Again, even for DirecTiVo's: DO NOT CONNECT THE PHONELINE!

I recommend doing a double check here.
If you're sure everything is fine, and you have you remote handy, then connect the power connector.

The TiVo will start showing the following screens:

DirecTiVo with TiVo OS 6 running!
DirecTiVo with TiVo OS 6 running!

After screen 3 my TiVo rebooted, but then restarted just fine.

Once the system started, you can go to the system information page and see the version your system is running (6.2).

DirecTV TiVo - OS 6.2 is up and running ...
DirecTV TiVo - OS 6.2 is up and running ...

Note: it can take up to 2 days before your TiVo has all the Guide info up to date again.

Also check, incase you have one connected, if your USB ethernet adapter is active.
Most of these adapters show connectivity by one or more led's lighting up.
Make sure to do this BEFORE powering up the TiVo:

  • Connect the USB adapter to the TiVo
  • Connect the USB adapter to the network, router, hub or whatever
  • Make sure the ethernet cable you're using is a GOOD and WORKING cable

With a tool like Look@LAN (see the links page for the link where to download this tool for free) you can now scan your network and see what the IP address of the TiVo is.

How to find your TiVo?

Download Look2LAN (either from the official website or from our downloads page) and install it.
Once installation is finished, it will ask to run Look@LAN and Look@Host. Uncheck the Look@Host option.

Once Look@LAN started, we will need to create a profile:

Look@LAN: Create our first profile
Look@LAN: Create our first profile

Click the "Create New Profile" button.

Look@LAN: Creating a new profile
Look@LAN: Creating a new profile

The upcoming window shows a list of available network adapters on your computer (Interface List).
Usually you will find only one IP address there (unless you have multiple network adapters in your computer).

Any way; select the IP address and click "Next". Look@LAN will start scanning your network right away.

Give it a bit of time to find all network connected devices.
Once the scan has been completed a window will popup showing you what it found;

Look@LAN: Found some devices on your network
Look@LAN: Found some devices on your network

Now click the "Hide" button:

Look@LAN: Overview of found IP Addresses
Look@LAN: Overview of found IP-Addresses

We now see a list of IP-addresses Look@LAN found on your network.
Since your TiVo is NOT running Windows, all IP-addresses with "WINDOWS" in the column "O.S." are NOT your TiVo.

Any device with a "name" in "HostName" is NOT your TiVo either.

In this example this leaves us with:,, and

There are more tricks in the book to eliminate IP-Addresses, for example: I know my router is (Default gateway in your network settings). But since we have only these left, we can simply start trying them.

Enter the IP-Address you wish to try (assuming you have only one hacked TiVo in your network) in the Address-bar of your favorite browser;

Found our TiVo: TiVoWebPlus page is here!
Found our TiVo: TiVoWebPlus page is here!

When a webpage appears called "TIVOWEBPLUS PROJECT" then you have found your TiVo (PTVnet installed TiVoWebPlus remember!?).

Keep trying until you find your TiVo.

For those who want to hack multiple TiVo's: do one at a time, so in the next run you already know what the IP-Address of the other TiVo is.

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