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On this page ...

On this page I bring up some common problems experienced when using Europe Online as a Internet by Satellite provider.

Note: Due to the very bad performance of EON these pages are no longer updated. The forum however remains.

Note: Some of these problems are similar for other providers.

Internet by Satellite

Page overview


Some missery and disappointments I (and others with me) had to deal with are dealt with on this page.
Unfortunally (with the exception of the 2 great DVB supplier - Hauppauge and Technotrend NOT being one of them) the DVB card suppliers are not that willing to help out.

First Aid for DUN

DUN Upstream is inidcated by Data upstream and Downstream by Data downstream.

Keeping the Satellite situation in mind, suggest that the second indication should NOT occure, because this indicates that downstream is handled by your DUN too... which should be done by the EON connection.

If you have this situation (exceptions are possible like POP3-mail), and speed is horrible slow then you might want to check the proxy-settings of you DUN connection. You can check that at the settings of the Internet Explorer (right mouse click the Internet explorer icon on your desktop and select the tab "Connections") or Netscape (Preferences - Advanced).

The DVB Data Services indicators blank, no signal detected, synchronisation failes.

Possible causes:

  • Frequency wrongly entered, for example 1266275 instead of 12662750. Make sure there are 8 digits here and that these match the transponder you would like to use.

  • Polarization is wrong, make sure it matches your transponder settings.

  • Symbolrate wrong: this should be 22000000 (again 8 digits!).

  • Dish not properly positioned.
    If you're unable to position the dish yourself: ask an expert (thanks Frank!)

Connection lost after 10 maybe 20 minutes ?

Possible cause:

The dialup adapter has a feature to disconnect automatically after a certain time being idel. I'm not sure what Microsoft's opinion is on being idle, but one thing is for sure: downloads and retrieving e-mails are considered IDLE (weird or what!).

So to avoid disconnection check these settings:

1. Open the "EuropeOnline Network S.A." Icon by double clicking it.

2. A Connect-dialogbox will appear.

3. Select "Properties".

4. Select the "Options" tab and match these settings and finish with "OK": "Redial" - "99", "Idle time before disconnecting" - "Never".

The dailup indicators both keep blinking / Slow connection.

Possible cause:

  • Proxy is not properly set for your dialup adapter,
    the ip-addresses are changed early may 2000, check it!

Internet pages do not appear or are not found, there appears to be no downstream.

Possible causes:

  • Did you try to use the Harmonic Cyberstream login-client ? DON'T ! It's not working anymore.

  • Are the proxy-settings of your dialup adapter (in Internet Explorer or Netscape) correct ?
    Did you update your proxy ip-addresses to the new ones ?

  • The filters of the DVB Data Services are not complete: download these registry setting. Check the setup guide for your DVB-card for more information.

No TV pictures in the Hauppauge DVB TV & Radio application.

Possible cause:

You're using two or more different drivers.

Uninstall everything (DVB applications and drivers).

The DVB applications can be uninstalled using the UnInstall option or the "Add/Remove software" option in the control panel.

The drivers is a little bit tricky: right click the C:\WINDOWS\INF directory and select "Find". Now search for the files containing the text Hauppauge.

Usually this is the files HAUPPAUGETTDVB.inf. If you installed Technotrend and/or Siemens drivers: remove these to (I don't know which files these are, but make sure you remove TT*.INF files and not ISDN or monitor files).

Finally: reinstall the drivers and application. Also make sure you're using the lastest drivers and/or firmware (I didn't update the firmware yet, but who knows).

Fazzt refuses to work

It happens, you've done just about anything to get Fazzt up and running. You used the right download key and settings, but it still will not work. A solution, which helped more than 50 users so far (yes I get a lot of mail) is this very trivial approach. Simply uninstall Fazzt and reinstall Fazzt.

Note: Make sure you are using the proper version of Fazzt!

Can't get Napster to work

Unfortunally, due to the nature of Napster - setting up a server - Napster will not work with the EON network.

Redial is working only 99 times AND it's damn slow too !

Well this is a thing that made me tweak the DUN a bit :) -> For Windows 9x ONLY!

Download this registry file, unzip it and double click the unzipped file. Redials can be done 4.294.967.295 times now (!!) and waiting time is reduced to zero seconds...

Note: I don't know if the actual value is ever reached, but I do know it will take YEARS to get that far with redialing! My personal score is 3194 times without being connect !

Second note: sometimes, reaching beyond the 1000 count, your computer can get confused...

I have an average of about 70 redials per minute, without even using a program like SuperDialer!

FTP doesn't work - or - How do setup my FTP-client ?

This is not yet working properly.

Europe Online is working on a good solution, but there are more items to be done with a hgher priority, so don't hold your breath.

What I DO can suggest - if your FTP client allows this - is to use the HTTP protocol.
Also try proxy port 8090 instead of 8080.

Resume support on EON-proxies ?

I can't confirm this, but it is said that only Transponder 115's proxy supports resume for downloads (ie. Flashget a.k.a. JetCar). I think the resume option is activated as soon as the full file is downloaded by EON to it's proxy.

After installing Windows 98SE's "Internet Sharing" I cannot get a connection to EON

Unfortunally, the Internet by Satellite technique does not like the Microsoft Internet Sharing tools. Some tools, like WinGate, seem to be working ...

Where to get the MAC-address ?

There are a some idiots claiming their cards have an MAC-address and the cards at the competition don't have an MAC-addres: this is bullshit, all cards have a MAC-addres.


The DVB-card has a so called MAC-address, Windows has a little tool to retrive this info.
This is how it's done in Windows 9x/ME:

  1. Click the Windows "Start"-button and click "Run..."

  2. At the "Open:" filed type WINIPCFG and press ENTER (or click "OK")

  3. A window similar to this one will appear (except for the dropdown selection):


  4. You'll find several network connectors here, select the DVB card here (PPP Adapter, Ether-something, etc are defintly not the DVB adapter - try location DVB in the list) by simply clicking it.

  5. The values are updated now and the "Adapter Address" now shows the so called MAC-address, 00-D0-5C-00-49-4a in the sample shown below:

    WinIPcfg details

When shutting down Windows errors popup

If you're using Siemens, Hauppauge, Technotrend or Galaxis, with driver version 1.22 then this is (according to these gents) perfectly normal. The point their finger to Microsoft saying it's a Windows problem. Unfortunally for them, but this is definitly a BUG in the drivers of TechnoTrend.

What happens: TechnoTrend uses a server-client software construction. The server software (DVB-s-server) is shutdown before the client does (DVB-data).

Conclusion: de server left the building and the client get's confused - ie. produces a nice error.

The BySky ISP has a specific patch for this. Unfortunally it is a part of their BySky-organiser (version 2.0) software, you must be a member to be able to use that.

Technotrend refuses to work after driver update

I've seen it happen and not just me (Hi Arnold!) ...

After updating from version 1.22 to version 1.23, my DVB card just did not want to receive any Internet data.

The problem here is that the DVB network component must be updated as well.

Right click "My Computer" and select "properties', in the tab "Device Manager" go to the branch "Network Adapters" and select the properties of the "Virtual DVB/IP Network Adapter". In the properties Window click the "Reinstall drivers" option and use "Browse..." to make Windows look in the folder of the updated drivers (the onces you downloaded).

Note: Windows 2000 and Windows XP user that tried a version older than 2.0x will encounter serious crashes when trying to remove the driver. Visit the Technotrend/Hauppauge pages for details on how to remove that driver.

After installing Windows ME (fresh install), I can't get the TechnoTrend card to work.

This problem is similar to the update problem mentioned above.
Here not only the drivers for the network card but also the "TechnoTrend TT-DVBast PCI" card in "Sound, video and game controllers" must be reinstalled in a similar fashion.

Where can I get a downloadkey for Fazzt ?

Hard to find, but onec you know where to look,.... Go to the "Download Centre" on the Europe Online page (don't forget to login!). Choose a file you wish to download and confirm this with the "get it" link. The requester coming up now offers a link called "here" which allows you to download the key.



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