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Internet by Satellite

Welcome at the "Internet by Satellite" pages!

Before MXStream by KPN (ADSL) became available, I used Internet by Satellite. In those days it offered high speed internet connections, which was ideal in the town I live in, since Internet by cable wasn't available either.

Currently, the transferspeeds of Internet by Satellite is either very slow (12 Kbps) or very expensive (> $200/month).

My advise: for business use, two-way satellite can be very usefull (see BySky), but for private use, it's just crappy slow or to expensive...

Note: these pages are here for reference only and are not maintained anymore! The forum however remains alive.

Internett by Satellite

Short Intro

The last few years all kinds of new techniques have been presented for accessing the Internet.

Speed and availability where the main issues here. For example, the 14K4 modem became ancient when the 33K6 modems appeared, and so on.

Nowadays we see other techniques like ISDN, Cable, ADSL, DSL and ... Internet by Satellite.

One of the main features here used to be speed.

When connected by satellite, speeds can go up to 400 Kilobyte per second! Just so you can compare, a fast ISDN connection (64Kbps) can only give me a 8 Kilobyte per second tranferrate.

I know this is just a rough indication, but just to keep it simple we can calculate it like so:

1 byte = 8 bits
1 Kbps = 1 Kilobit per second = 1024 bits per second
<=> therefor 64 Kbps = 8 Kilobyte per second

Can you imagine the nice cool fast transferrate you get ?

Note: I do have to say that speed is depending on a lot of factors, like rushhours on the Internet, the speed of your Internet Service Provider, the capabilities of your PC/Operating System, the speed of the proxy (if you're using one), etc. That's why I state that these speed can be achieved, but in every day use this will probably not be the case!

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