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On this page you will find a calculator for determination of the Expert Wachtwoord for Alcatel SpeedTouch modems.

Many thanks to Bas M. for providing the source code.

See also the Alcatel Speedtouch Home hack (for POTS and ISDN types) which converts a Home version to Alactel SpeedTouch Pro, including all the extra features.

On a separate page, you will find solutions to common issues.

Incase you would like to have the source code of the Perl script, download it from the download page.

TIP: If you damaged your modem some how, consider contacting please.repair.my.adsl.modem. They do repair these modems pretty cheap.

ADSL - MXStream

as with all hacks, and based on official information: applying this hack will definitely VOID WARRANTY! If you are not experienced with tricks like these: stop NOW! Ask someone who is more experienced (even those guys WILL sweat on this one). Read this disclaimer before continuing!





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