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How do I reset my Yamakawa to factory defaults ?

This trick is supposed to work for all firmware version. Keep in mind that this resets ALL settings (including regionfree, etc.) to factory defaults. You probably will never need this ! Only use it when you defiitly are sure you will need this option !

Note: this trick is might not work with all firmwares!

Tip: consider visiting the Yamakawa DVD group at Yahoo groups!


Back to default settings

Try these buttons: "SETUP" - "SLOW" - "SKIP-LEFT" - "0"

It is advisable to NOT use this feature unless you know what you are doing!

Note: This will NOT bring back the original firmware if you flashed your Yami! It will only reset the settings like regioncode, etc.

This is the response of my Yamakawa:

Yamakawa back to factory settings







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