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How to disable MacroVision on your Yamakawa ?

MacroVision can be a pain. More information on MacroVision can be found on the Video MacroVision page.
This trick disables MacroVision only for this session. Onces your switched the player off, MacroVision is again set. The trick DOES NOT WORK WITH FIRMWARE 34 and 3C.

* Note that these secretcodes might not work with firmwares 4x and newer.

Tip: consider visiting the Yamakawa DVD group at Yahoo groups!


MacroVision ON/OFF

Try these buttons (make sure a DVD is inserted first):


An "M" will appear on your screen. Press "PLAY" to accept the setting and press "PLAY" once more to start the movie without MacroVision.

If not sure which keys to use, you can also take a look at the remote control page for details on the remote control.

This is what my Yamakawa showed:

MacroVision: See ya!



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