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Hansies Tools; a few handy routines ...

So far I made 2 units specifically (I did some components as well) for easy Delphi programming.
These tools are:


These can be freely downloaded and used, suggestions and improvements are welcome.

If you use any of these in your own program then please tell me, I'm curious who might be using these ...

Note: Read the Disclaimer first!

This is FREEWARE, please mention my website when using these routines ...

Avialable functions/procedures:


function BytesToStr(Nr:Cardinal) : string; { Convert bytes to a shorter format, ie. Kb/Mb }
function GetVolumeLabel(DriveChar: Char): string; { Read VOLUME-LABEL of a drive }
procedure GetDirTree(Path:string; TheList:TStrings); { Read the tree of a 'path' }

function BoolToStr(ValueTrue : boolean) : string; { convert booleanvalue to string }
function StrToBool(ValueTrue : string) : Boolean; { convert stringvalue to boolean }

procedure SaveRegBool(MyApp, MyKey : string; MyValue : boolean); { Save boolean }
function LoadRegBool(MyApp, MyKey : string):boolean; { Load boolean value }
procedure SaveRegFloat(MyApp, MyKey : string; MyValue : double); { Save float/double }
function LoadRegFloat(MyApp, MyKey : string):double; { Load float/double }
procedure SaveRegInteger(MyApp, MyKey : string; MyValue : integer); { Save integer }
function LoadRegInteger(MyApp, MyKey : string):integer; { Load integer }
procedure SaveRegString(MyApp, MyKey, MyValue : string); { Save string }
function LoadRegString(MyApp, MyKey : string):string; { Load string }
procedure SaveWindowPosition(Sender : TForm; MyApp : string); { Save Form positions }
procedure LoadWindowPosition(Sender : TForm; MyApp : string); { Load Form positions }



function HexToBin(HEXSTRING):string { Hex number (string) to a Binary number (string) }
function HexCharToInt(HEXCHAR):integer { Hex character (0..9 & A..F or a..f) to integer }
function HexCharToBin(HEXCHAR):string { Hex character to a binary string }
function Pow(BASE,POWER):integer { Simple power routine resulting in an integer (16bit) }
function BinStrToInt(BINSTRING):integer { 16 bit binary string to an integer }
function DecodeSMS7Bit (PDUSTRING):string { decode 7-bit SMS (GSM 03.38) to ASCII }
function ReverseStr (SOURCESTRING):string { reverses a string }




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