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Project: AYeah!Catalogger

This little project started a long time ago, created to make a searchable catalog of my CDRoms. Finally I've made something that seems to work pretty OK.

Currently I use the ASCII datafiles to create CD lay-ins as well and that works great.

Tip: this little gadget is ideal for catalogging your MP3 CDRoms !

Note: Read the Disclaimer first!

This is FREEWARE, read details in the About of the program.

Using AYeah!Catalog

AYeah!Catalog is a pretty easy to work with program. It basically reads a disk ("Read" button) and can store it as a catalog on harddisk either in text format ("*.txt" - tab formatted) or compressed ("*.cat").

Current Catalog The entire catalog currently in use (this can be of 1 or more disks, harddisks, CD's, etc.)
About Well,... the regular about the program and about the programmer story ...
Exit Quit the program.
Disk Directory Tree The dropdownbox let's you select the drivre to read.
Read Read the content of the disk (set in the "Disk Directory Tree" dropdown).
Delete Deletes the currently selected (in the "Current Catalog" field) disk tree from the catalog.
Twilight Reads only the program-names of a Twilight disk.
Export Exports the currently selected (in the "Current Catalog" field) disk tree from the catalog.
Load Loads (and replaces the current one) an entire catalog.
Add Loads (and merges with the current one) an entire catalog.
Save Save the entire current catalog.
Clear Clears the "Current Catalog" field.
Load default catalog If this is checked, AYeah!Catalog will load a default catalog at startup. The catalog path and filename must be entired in the field below.
Browse Used for making it easier to select a default catalog.
Show hints If checked, hint ballons will show for all options.
Search Search string - this must be an exact string.
Find Start the search.
Save Saves the search results to a text file.
Case sensitive search Normally (if not checked) searches are case insensitive. Check it if you want to search with a matching case.

Programming language, Components and Download

Written in Borland Delphi 3.0 (yes I bought a license for that, to bad upgrades are shit expensive) on a Monday-evening. Uses the standard Borland components and:
THKStreams v1.5 by Harry Kakoulidis, for compression, homepage: http://kakoulidis.homepage.com
TURLLabel from Petrus van Breda
TversionLabel by Marc Evans
These can also be downloaded at the Delphi Superpage as well.

Current release: Executable
Current release: Sources

A snapshot:


History Version Details

Current status: sleeping. Removed little bug in find option (twilight disklabels where not displayed) Added compression support for single disks. Added compression for export and append as well. More efficient load code. Implemented ResizerPanel, resizing works better (still not perfect) Removed animation stuff, still looking for a way to change the mouse ScaleBy too buggy - removed. Changed Date/Time to locale settings. Implemented ScaleBy function Automatically adding '.txt' or '.cat' when saving catalogs or disks Added URL labels for e-mail and homepage and removed some typos Included version number in main-window caption Improved window refresh (added proper repaint statements) Improved Disk reading speed Added optional compression (.CAT files), using THKStreams, for Saving and loading the entire (!) catalog. Single exports and additional Loading of catalogs/disks is not (yet) supported. Added option to import a Twilight LIST.TXT and VARIOUS.LST First public release
0.8.0.x Treeview replaced with Toutline, which seems to work better
0.7.0.x Improved directory reading, adjusted sorting
0.6.0.x Added import and export of a catalog of a single disk
0.5.0.x Added registry support for display location and default catalog
0.4.0.x Added search option

To be done (any help is welcome)

Enhance the find option. I'd like to see the path where the file/directory was found.
Enhanced TOutline, so I can display icons like a CD, ZIP or diskette to indicate it's source.
Enhanced information on the media catalogged, like bytes used, disk space remaining etc.
Enhanced sorting of the TOutline data. I'd rather see the folders before the files.
Support for icons that come with the applications (not required, but cute =)
Option to rename disk-labels.
A good solution to print a catalog. I'm currently exporting the catalog to Corel Draw.
Make the drive-dropdownbox update so newly inserted discs are recognized.
Any enhacements you can think of or can make,... (please contact me!)




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