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Setting up a RamDisk for use with Fazzt

This article, submitted by Brad Hall and Donal (many thanks for that Brad! Most welcome!), explains you how to setup a RamDisk, which you can use with the Fazzt application. Vistit Donal's webpage if you like.

Note: Read the disclaimer first!

Internet by Satellite

This Guide will give you the quickest setup option for getting more complete files with ffm on europeonline (100% complete for me :) ) by using ramdisk and atp setup with Fazzt.

I will be using screenshots of the software RamDisk XP Pro which you can get at Http://www.superspeed.com

This is split up into 3 parts

  1. Ramdisk Setup
  2. Fazzt Setup
  3. Advanced TwoFish setup

Ram disk is program that will allow you to use your ram as a storage device (prefably for tempory things) and what makes this so good is that it has speed and is stable. Thus making it better to use as your tempory folder for fazzt if you use europeonline.

RamDisk setup

1.Install the software and have a desktop icon.

2.Double Click on the icon RamDisk XP Pro icon

3.You should now see this window.

RamDisk XP Pro window

4.Now its just configuring.

  • Pick the "Driver Letter:" you want your ramdisk drive have in "My computer".
  • Select the "Size (MB):" that you will need (5 meg should do for Internet Browsing unless you need it for others reasons but i have picked 250 (i Would say dont make it bigger than 60% of your ram.)
  • Then select the "File system:" you have 3 options.

    FAT is the most common filesystem used in Windows 95/98/ME and XP. FAT32 is faster than NFTS as it does not have to check for file permissions when a file is opened (I pick this one as this is the default and should be the most apporiate for speed).

    NTFS NFTS is mainly used in Network servers where files are often accessed and is secure, not only that: it's also more solid and capable of writing files >2Gb.

    RAW as far as I know, this is an unformatted disk.

  • Make sure "Enable Backup" is unticked (but if you do this i do beleive if you have a power crash or turn off your computer all is lost thats why i say temporary but i untick it because i believe this will give me more speed and more hard drive space for using fazzt)
  • Then click the "Add" button
  • Finally click "Close".


Just all you need to do now is set your programs to use this drive for tempory files..

You might want to use this tool that tells you how much ram is available.

Fazzt Setup

So you have set up ramdisk now its time to set it up for Fazzt.

1.Right click on the fazzt icon in the system tray and select "configuration"

2.Select "Tempory storage"

3.Untick "use tempory directory on each volume"

4.Then enter your ramdrive and a directory. Example: S:\fazzttemp

Fazzt - Using RamDisk XP Pro

Click "Apply" then "OK" and stop fazzt then start it again, and you should be sorted.

However there is one con. If you have set your ramdisk up for 250mb and you get a 500mb file transmission coming through i think you will find that you might be screwed unless of course you are willing to set back your settings to default again for one file.

Advanced TwoFish Setup

Using RamDisk along with Tarzan's Advanced Twofish Decrypter (ATP) then you should eliminate all off your incompletes and live a happy life so follow my last section of my guide.

  1. Install Advanced TwoFish (pretty straight forward)
  2. open Advanced TwoFish by going to Start>programs>twofish decrypter
  3. Now its time to configure

Advanced TwoFish - using Ramdisk XP Pro

  • Press "Options" and you will get teh following window popup.

Advanced TwoFish - Settings ...

  • Only tick "Create a log file" if your very keen on logs
    (i'm not, so i have left mine un-ticked)
  • Tick "Remove second extension" if you don't want the transmission ID.
  • Tick "Automatic decryption" and enter in the size files you want to be decrypted automatically. (so if you want files under 14meg to decrypt automatically you would enter 14680064) Use the following data converter below.

  • Click on the "TwoFish Decrytor" tab

Advanced TwoFish - Decryptor

  • Select your "Decoding priority" (basically how fast it can go and depending on wethere you have enough cpu power)
  • "Automatically exit" - You can do this if you really want but i don't bother.
  • "Minimize to system tray" - This will minimise twofish into your system tray when you press minimise on the window.
  • "Expanding main window on startup" will basically give you that little white box that tells you what is being decrypted when you open Advanced TwoFish.
  • Press "OK" now its time to now how to decrypt.

Advanced TwoFish - Back to where we started

  • All you need to do is press "Open files"
  • select the location where the ".atp" files are waiting,
  • highlight the nessercary files then press "OK"

And your files shall be decrypted.



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