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Checklist for Internet via Satellite with Europe Online.

This checklist is of use when youare using EON as an Internet by Satellite provider.

Many thanks for this list done by the EON support team.

Note: If you have another network card installed disable it for the troubleshooting as it might interfere.

Internet by Satellite


Generic transponder settings can be found here.

  • Card Settings

  Frequency and polarization according to the transponder used.

   Symbol rate: always 22.000 KHz.

   Filters (dependent on the card - check on Internet).

   Check with ipconfig/winipcfg if card appears there and if MAC address in card configuration is same as here.  (If no card found, driver or hardware problem).

  • Customer Registration

   Check if customer is properly registered (username). Use www.europeonline.net to login.

  • Fazzt Download Client


  IP address

  Port 9000

  Interface IP = IP address of DVB card.

  Registry key / Download Key

  Proxy settings according to transponder used

  Proxy activated in modem and LAN connection

  Ping proxy

  • Security settings

  Enable pct 1.0 / SSL 2.0 & 3.0 / TLS 1.0

  Enable cookies

  • Other settings

  Clear Cookies and Temporary Internet Files

  DNS settings: automatic IP address, untick DNS

  For Cyberstream cards: SNMP installed

  Try another transponder.




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