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On this page you can search for particular IP ports.

You might need this information to determine which IP-ports are being used by applications in your network.

Often a network application is not working properly, because the port is being blocked either by a proxy, router, or firewall. You or your system administrator (depends on who manages this normally) can use this infoto unblock an IP-Port (see also: mapping IP-ports with the Alcatel SpeedTouch).

Note: If you do know any IP-ports that are not in the list, then please mail them to me (please include portnumber, if it's UDP or TCP, and for what application it's being used) so I can add them to the database!

Note: You can also view the entire list, by simply clicking "Search" without entering any data in the fields. Keep in mind though that this is list is HUGE, it can take quite some time before all the data is being downloaded to your browser!

Netwerken ... IP-poorten


In the field below you can enter what you are looking for. Not all fields need to be completed.

IP Port
IP Port
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How it works

Searching applications that use a particular port.

You can search for application that, for example, use port 20. Simply enter the value op the portnumber, here "20", in the field called "IP Port Number" and click "Search".

Display all ports that use a particular type.

Not very usefull, but you could have a list generated of all applications that use, for example UDP. Simply set "IP Port Type" to the desired value (here "UDP"), and click "Search".

Search all ports an application uses.

This is the most common search I guess. For example to find out what ports MSN Messenger uses.
In the third field, "Program/Application", enter the name, or part of the name (which gives you a better chance on good results) of the application.
With the MSN Messenger example, you could enter "MSN" or "Messenger". After that, click "Search".

Searching for combinations.

You can mix these options any way you like, for example looking for all "UDP" ports "MSN Messenger" is using.




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