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Setup of a dialup-adapter

On this page I'll use SuperWeb, although this provider does not exist anymore, as an example. The example will work for other ISP's too, you just have make sure the settings you use are the ones required for your ISP.

The screendumps on this page are based on Windows 98 SE (Second Edition). For other Windows version (95, 98, ME, XP and 2000) similar dialogs will appear, although I noticed that Windows ME has some additional features not shown in previous Windows versions.

This setup is of use for both normal Internet access (by modem or ISDN adapter) as for Internet via Satellite (EON) connection. You can ignore the lines refering to Internet by Satellite if you don't use this type of connection.


Before we start: Collect the proper information

Before you start, collect the following information, so installation will run smoothly:

What ? Example
ISP dailin phone nummer 0800-0230517
Primairy DNS Server IP-address
Secundairy DNS Server IP-address
Loginname Username
Password UserPassword
For proxy users only:
Proxy info (address and port),
port 8080

Note: It is possible that your ISP uses just one DNS server, this is not a problem.

Note: Most users do not need a PROXY.

Step 1: Goto Dialup Networking

Double click "My Computer".

Double click "Dial-Up Networking".

Note: It is possible that "Dial-Up Networking" is not avaible. It is possible that this is not installed with the setup of Windows. Installation is done quickly:

  1. Click the Windows "Start"-button
  2. Select "Settings" - "Control Panel".
  3. Double click "Add/Remove Programs"
  4. Select the tab "Windows Setup" (Windows will now check what is installed)
  5. Select "Communications"
  6. Click "Details"
  7. Check "Dial-Up Networking"
  8. Select "OK" and "OK" once more
Windows will probably ask for the setup CDRom so the dialup-adapter can be installed. It might happen that Windows asks you to reboot. After installing go back to step 1.

Step 2: Make a new connection

Double click "Make New Connection", the next dialog (a welcome dialog might appear, select "Next" in that situation, in order to come to this dialog):

Enter a name for your new connection and choose the proper modem

Type at the field "Type a name for the computer you are dialing" a name for easy identification of your ISP.

In my example I use "Superweb". SuperWeb is my ISP.

Internet by Satellite: If you're using Internet by Satellite, then consider adding the transponder name to the connectionname. For example "Superweb via 113" indicating that you're using "SuperWeb" and transponder 113. It's easier to make several dialup's, one for each transponder. This way Internet Explorer automatically uses the proper proxy (if you made the proper settings in Internet Explorer)

Now choose the modem you wish to use for this dialup connection. Most people have just one modem, so the selection is limited to one.

If you're using an ISDN adapter, you might have more than 1 option. I use the AWM Fritz! USB which works like a charm. Try to locate an ISDN modem with PPP or RAS connection type.

Step 3: Enter telephone data

Select "Next". A new dialog appears.

Enter the "Area code" of your ISP. SuperWeb uses a free 0800-number so I use"0800" here.
Enter the "Telephone number", which is "0230517" for SuperWeb.

Select the country of your ISP.

Once again: enter the data proper for your ISP ! Do not use this info unless you are using SuperWeb as well!

Step 4: Finishing up

Select "Next". Once more, a new dialog will appear, now select "Finish". The Dialup-adapter is complete now....

Step 5: Some details ...

You're probably looking at the Dial-up-networking-window right now. You should see the newly made dialup. If you're not seeing the dialup, then double click on "My Computer". Now double click "Dial-Up Networking". Now you will see the dialup.

Click it with the right mouse button and select "properties" of your newly made dialup connection.

Tip: if you select "View" - "Details" from the Explorer menu, you will see much more info on the dialup adapter even when you're connected to the internet!

Server Types ...

In the snapshot you'll see the settings for SUPERWEB ! Your ISP might require different values here - check their info ! Most ISP use the same settings at the tab "Server Types" - check it anyway.

Click "TCP/IP Settings".

Vul de DNS hier in (SUPERWEB!)

Now enter the DNS IP-address or addresses.

In the example I'm using the SuperWeb DNS. Some provider have a secondary DNS (Tref for example does). Some providers assign you an DNS on connection.

Select "OK" and once more "OK".


If you are, like I did, about to use more than 1 dialup, one for each transponder, then repeat these steps to create the other dialup adapters. Give them a different name so you can identify them. For example:
SuperWeb via 114,
SuperWeb via 115 etc.

Tip: Copy the dialup adapter you just mad to the desktop using the right mouse button. On release of the mouse button select "Copy".
Now use NOTEPAD to edit this file.
Edit the 2nd and 3rd line of this file and enter the new name here (see example below). Save the changes and drag the file back to the "Dial-Up Networking" in "My Computer". All settings (maybe except for the password and userid) are copied to this new dialup.


Entry_Name=SuperWeb via 113 Import_Name=SuperWeb via 113

change to:

Entry_Name=SuperWeb via 114 Import_Name=SuperWeb via 114

OPTIONAL - Step 6: Adjusting redial speed - WINDOWS 9x ONLY!

This step is not required, but can be very helpfull for ISDN, if your dealing with an ISP that is hard to reach.

Note: use this at your own risk. For me and several others this works great ! After applying this you will not need a Super Dialer again,.. you just made the dialup adapter a super dialer :)

Note: This step will have impact on the redial behaviour of ALL dialup-adapters!

Note: This tweak is designed for Windows 9x - although it might work with other Windows versions too.

We now will tweak the redialer of the dialup-adapter. Minimized pause between redials and maximize the amount of redials. We will do this by changing some registry settings (ISDN Adapter results):

Redial delay

0 seconds

Number of redials


Redails per minute

between 40 and 70

(An awfull lot of times!).

First download this file, unzip it (for example using Winzip) and double click the file redailmax.reg.

Answer both dialogs by clicking "OK".

The changes are now activated ! Just to give you an example (it's crazy I know): 3194 redials and still NOT connected... I'm happy to say that I usually get a connection below 500 redials....

Absurd !

OPTIONAL - Step 7: Setup of the PROXY

When and Why should I use a proxy?

  • In case your ISP demands the use of a proxy
  • When using Internet by Satellite
  • When using a third party proxy to stay anonymous on the Interenet
  • Because you dialin on the company server which requires a proxy

Now it's time to set the proper proxies for the dialup-adapters.

Click with the right mouse button on the big blue "e" on the desktop and click "Properties".

Open the Internet Explorer properties

After clicking the tab "Connections" you will see this dialog:

Available dialup adapters in the Internet Explorer

Note: This is a Internet Explorer 5.01 screendump. Yours might be different but basically the same. Make sure you're at least using IE 4.0 or better. If you have more than 1 dialup-adapter then these will appear here as well.

Select the Dialup-Adapter you would like to set the proxy for (in this example: "SuperWeb via 113").

Now double click the dialup-adapter or click once on the dialup-adapter and click "Settings". This dialog will appear:

Details of the dialup ...

Check the option "Use a proxy server" and enter the proxy IP-address at the "Address"-field and the port number in the "Port" field.

Note: in the picture I'm using a random IP-address and portnumber. You should use the address and port of YOUR PROXY.

Internet by Satellite: Check the transponder page for Europe Online details. Don't forget that each transponder has a different ip-address for it's proxy !


Select "OK" and repeat this for the other dialup-adapters.



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