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Most of us use it almost daily: the Internet.

Our presence on the Internet is based on an Address, the so called IP address. In Internet terms: the public IP address.

However; in our current setups with DSL modems, routers, etc, we might find ourselves in the situation where Windows is not aware of our real Internet IP address. Instead it will show you the LAN IP-Address which is not by definition the same.

To help you (and myself) with that problem, every weethet.nl page, has a "Your IP address" in the upper right corner.

I took the liberty to quickly write a little Borland Delphi program for this.
It's in no way the most advanced program ever - but it works!

This program is FREE and you can use it as you see fit.

Note: Read the disclaimer!

Internet - Retrieve my public IP address


Using the program is easy, just start it and it will instantly show your public IP-address:

GetMyIP - Showing you your public IP address
GetMyIP - Showing you your public IP address

As you can see in the snapshot, it shows my (fictive) IP address:

Clicking the icon next to the IP address will copy the address to your clipboard, so you can paste it where ever you might need it.

This application can be downloaded from the downloads page, or by clicking here.



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