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Add an icon to your webpage
(works only for Internet Explorer!)

Most likely you have noticed that some websites, like WeetHet, have their own icon.

This icon can be seen when opening a page, and even better : Internet Explorer uses this icon also to add to your favorites.



How it's done

The first step is to get an icon, you can either use a standard icon or create one yourself.

You can create an icon by:

1) Using an icon-editor
2) Using a drawing application like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro or MS Paint.

IconForge is a very good icon editor, so if you consider using one, then please take a look there.

Using a drawing application is a bit more complicated (not really):

1) Create a drawing for your icon.
I usually use Photoshop for this starting out with a 64 x 64 pixel image.

Once I'm done doodling, I convert the image to 32 x 32 pixels.
Keep in mind that you should limit the amount of colors used, since not all computers support icons with more than 16 colors. More recent Windows versions support 256 colors, but I would not count on it that all your visitors have this.

2) Save the 32 x 32 image as a BMP (uncompressed).

3) Rename the file.
Suppose you created the image
myicon.bmp, then now is the time to rename it to favicon.ico.

4) Copy the file to your webserver.
OK, so now we have an icon. Now upload this file to the root of your webserver.

As of now, Internet Explorer will 'see' this file as the default icon for your website.



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