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The "Send me an e-mail" link ...

You most likely have seen these links before,... you click on them and your e-mail program automatically opens a new e-mail.


The standard link

Most HTML users are familiar with the regular mail-link-tag:

<A HREF="mailto:email@somewhere.com">Mail me</A>

which will look and act like this: Mail me

This link will open a new e-mail message, however with an empty subjectline.

The link with a subject

Adding a subject is not that hard:

<A HREF="mailto:email@somewhere.com?subject=SUBJECT">Mail me</A>

which appears as follows: Mail me

One single word is not what you can call a usefull subjectline. Adding more word involves adding spaces. Here you will have to watch out what you're doing. If you're not using quotes (as shown in the examples) the trick will not work as expected.

<A HREF="mailto:email@somewhere.com?subject=This is the subject">Mail me</A>

example: Mail me

This example works just fine. If you do not (why?) whish to use quotes, then you must replace all space by a %20.

<A HREF=mailto:email@somewhere.com?subject=This%20is%20the%20subject>Mail me</A>

As you might have noticed: using quotes is definitly better. Not only easier to enter, but also clearer to read when reading the HTML-code.

Just a small final note: be sure your HTML-editor does use quotes!



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