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How to change the color or font of a single link?

It's not something one should do for an entire webpage, but maybe for one particular link you would like to change font style and/or font color.

You might notice when trying to do this that most HTML-editors do not respond the way you would like: nothing changes.

The source of this phenomena is a bit weird, but hey, that's just my opion. The HTML editor puts the <FONT> tag around the <A HREF> tag and that's why it doesn't work. In order to work, the font tag should be INSIDE the <A HREF> tag.

Note: There is an alternative technique called Cascading Style Sheets that is capable of doing this too (I actually used it on this website).


How is it done?

To show you the difference:

A normal link we want to be green

<font color="#009900">
<a href="blabla.htm">Blabla ?</a>

will result in this: Blabla ?

All though we defintly indicated that the link should be GREEN (009900 = red 00, green 99 and blue 00)!

See the same link, now using the <FONT> tag inside the <A HREF>:

<a href="https://www.weethet.nl">
<font color="#009900">Blabla ?</font>

will result in: Blabla ?

This does not only work with colors, but also using font and style.



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