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Named Anchors - or how to jump within one and the same page

The feature "Named Anchors" can be used to jump around within one and the same page (file) just like you're used to do with regular links.

Using the <A HREF> one can jump to these anchors.


How to use Named Anchors

A life example can be found on several pages on WeetHet. Maybe you can recall page overviews, where you can click an item and have the browser move to a particular location on the page.

Although this is a very elementary feature of HTML, most of use tend to forget how it is done...

First of all we must mark the "Named Anchor". At the target location we enter:

<a name="MyTarget"></a>

In order to jump to this target location (te namend anchor) we can use the <A HREF> tag. For example:

<a href="#MyTarget">This is my target</a>

Note the "#"-symbol in front of the name of the anchor. This is done to avoid confusion for your websbrowser. Normally (without the "#"-symbol) the browser would start looking for a file named "MyTarget".

Named anchors can be placed on one page as many as you like.

The <A HREF> tag does not need to be in a particular position related to the Anchor, eithr above or below will work. Your browser will simply start at the top of the HTML-file (page) looking for the first occurance of the named anchor that matches the name it is looking for.

Note: A second named anchor with the same name is useless, since your browser always starts at the top of a webpage. This way it will never reach the second named anchor.



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