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On this page ...

A little help for those who have never visited WeetHet. Unfortunally this might be needed, since navigation differs per website you visit and some interface items might not be as obvious as I wish it would be.

I'll also address a potential problem with the mainmenu, if the menu doesn't work, then jump straight here.


  • Weethet has been optimized for these browser versions (and newer): NetCaptor 7, Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.2, Netscape 6 and Opera 6.
    Most other browsers might work just fine or show minor disturbances.

  • Support for iFRAMES is required (for example: Netscape 4 is not working properly, so please: upgrade)!

  • It is advisable to use a monitor with a resolution of at least 1024x768 (often a 17 inch CRT or 15 inch TFT monitor), although smaller screens do work.
Help ....


The Menu Bar (left)

On the left you will see a vertical menu bar with several buttons.

The WeetHet Menubar for navigating WeetHet

These buttons are mainly used for easy navigation.


A Menu items that have submenu's
These darker buttons have submenu's. All "darker" buttons do have submenu's. You can also identify the fact that an item has submenu's by the "»" in front of the label text of the button. In case this menu does not appear, the please upgrade you browser. Click here for more details.
B Menu items that are links
These are the items that really open a page.
F Taal / Language
WeetHet is available in DUTCH and ENGLISH. Click one of these buttons to change language.
G Newsticker
News and updates will scroll by in this part. Messages are clickable and will bring you to a page with more details on the message.


The Menu bar (left) principle

The menu you see here is basically a vertical menu that "opens" a submenu by clicking the item. It's not so easy to explain in words, rather images will explain how it works:

When clicking for example the item "CD's and DVD's" (item C in the image below) in the menu you see above, will unfold the submenu of this item. This item has a submenu, which you can identify by the dark/strong colored button and the "»" character in front of the text, indicating that there is more.

This might look as shown here: WeetHet submenu has been opened.

Again we see, if available, that this menu shows menuitems with and without submenu's. The dark blue (again a dark/strong color - see item D) and the "»" character in front of the text, indicate that there is more.

You also see lighter (pastel colors) items, indicating that these are links which really open a page (item E).

By clicking "CD's and DVD's" again, the menu will close again. By Clicking one of the blue items, their submenu will open as well. By clicking again another blue item, the previous submenu will close and the submenu of the newly clicked blue item will open.

Multiple levels have been implemented, with multiple colors;

Items with submenu
Items with page
Menu items from the WeetHet menu

On the left the items with a submenu, significantly darker/stronger colors. On the right, items that are links, commonly using pastel colors.

How to improve menu speed?

To improve speed in general for all webpages and cascading style sheet is done by setting the browser cache properly.

For example in Internet Explorer, choose the menu "Tools" - "Internet Options". A new window will open, there you click (in the group "Temporary Internet Files") the button "Settings" which opens yet another window:

Internet Explorer browser cache

Set the "Check for newer versions of stored pages:" to "Automatic" and click "OK" and "OK". You will instantly notice that the speed improves significantly (unless "Automatic" was already checked ofcourse!).

Other browsers allow similar settings.

Is the menu working OK?

The previous menu WeetHet used, did use Java, unfortunally (thank you Bill Gates for screwing up!) Microsoft decided to not incorporate the Java Virtual Machine so I had to move to a different solution. At first I figured to use DHTML, but unfortunally that resulted in very slow pages (as the menu is rather big).

Finally I created my own solution, based on so called iFrames. Most browser do support this, however some ancient browser (like Netscape 4) do not handle them properly. The menu has been tested with Opera 6, Netscape 6, Internet Explorer 5 and Mozilla 1.0 and up. So please upgrade to one of these browsers in case the menu does not appear or is not working properly.

HitCounter and IP-address

In the upper right corner, you will find some extra information:

  • the public IP address of your Internet connection (A),
  • The number of hits WeetHet had so far (B, the so called "hit counter") and
  • the date when this particular page has last been updated (C).

Hitcounter, IP-address and last changed

Printing the page

Almost every page within WeetHet has a: "Click here to print this page:" (A) in the upper left corner.

This option (when clicked) will bring up the print dialog window of your browser (it might be that not all browsers support this).



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