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In this article I will show you how to configure the SiteCom 4S DSL router for use with MXStream. Most likely the configuration will be similar for the Sitecom 8s DSL router. It will take about 5 minutes ....

Note: The Sitecom xDSL/Cable Router 4S is a 4 port switch/router (10/100Mbps) also known as the Sitecom DC-202. The 8S model is basically the same, with 8 LAN ports.

Router resellers: You want your router on this website too? Then please feel free to contact me.

Screenshots by Frank Janssens

ADSL - MXStream


  1. The router
  2. Connecting the router
  3. Configuring the router
  4. Configuring the PC's - Windows 2000/XP
  5. Configuring the PC's - Windows 95, 98 or ME

The Router

We found the SiteCom 4S to be a pretty straight forward router capable for use with MXStream. It's a great value for money router and very easy to configure.

Sitecom: The 4s router
Frontside view

On the back you will find all the connections you will need:

No. Purpose
Reset button* for restting the router.
WAN - Connects to the ADSL modem or Cable modem
LAN1 - Connects to one of your PC's
LAN2 - Connects to one of your PC's
LAN3 - Connects to one of your PC's
LAN4 - Connects to one of your PC's
Normal or Uplink connection - set this to Normal
Connector for the powersupply


Sitecom 4S: Backside
Backside view

*Note: to reset the router take these steps (in case of emrgency or trouble):
- Power off the device.
- Hold the reset button down while you Power on.
- Continue holding the reset button until the status (red) LED blinks twice.
- Release the reset button.

2. Connecting the router

Fairly simple, but anyway .... :

  • Plug the powersupply in the power-outlet

  • Connect the powersupply to the router (Power light will light up)

  • Connect the PC(s) to the routerport(s) (LAN1 ... LAN4)
    Use standard UTP (preferable CAT5) cable for this. The leds on the frontside will be lit on active connection between router and PC-network-card. Most network-card (NIC's) have a similar led which should get lit too. This indicates a good hardware connection.

  • Connect the MXStream (Alcatel) Ethernet-modem to the router
    Plug the supplied cable (a standard UTP network-cable) in to the WAN port connector of the router, and the other end of the Ethernet-cable into the "10Base T/MDI-X" connector of the Alcatel Ethernet modem (for details see PSTN and ISDN).
    Note: keep in ind to use a NORMAL UTP cable if the switch on the back (7) is set to NORMAL.
    Use a CROSSED UTP cable if the switch is set to UPLINK.

Configuring the router

Start a webbrowser, for example Internet Explorer, on your PC and open address, this window will now appear in your browser:

Sitecom 4s: first screen

First we have to do a LAN setup, click the word/link LAN in the upper left corner. The LAN window appears. Copy these settings, this will set the router's IP-address to and activate the DHCP functionality (all connected PC's will get an IP-address in the range ...

Sitecom 4s: LAN settings

Click "Save" when done. You will now return to the previous screen. There we will initiate the setup wizard by clicking the yellow "Setup" button in the upper left corner.

Sitecome 4S has a really easy wizard for setting up the router

Click "Next".

Sitecom 4s: set connection type

Select "DSL/ADSL" and click "Next".

Sitecom 4s: Select the DSL type

Select "PPTP" (required for MXStream) and click "Next".

Sitecom 4S: login data

Enter the IP-address of your MODEM at "PPTP Server IP Address" - here, which is the default MXStream uses for it's Alcatel Ethernet ADSL modem.

Enter your loginname and password which you received from your provider and check "Connect automatically".

Finally click "Next" again.

Sitecom 4S: MXStream assigns you an IP-addres

It sounds a bit weird but it works: check "IP Address is assigned automatically" and click "Next".

Sitecom 4S: ready to start

Check "Test Internet Connection" and click "Finish". The router will now reboot! This means that your PC will also get a new IP-address and might require you to restart your PC!

Once the reboot of the router (and PC if your PC didn't get a new IP-address - try to open webpage has been completed, you can check the status.

Open webpage in a webbrowser like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

It will show you if the connection is up and running.

You're now done configuring your router, but still have to configure the PC's (Window 2000/XP, Windows 95, 98, and ME).

After doing so, start, for example, Internet Explorer, and open a nice website, for example http://www.weethet.nl/english/welcome.php. You will notice the flashing of the LED's of the router, particular WAN and one LAN will Flash.

If WAN does not light up, the connection between router and modem is failing - check the capable! The led has NOTHING to do with the actual Internet connection!



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