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Configuring the eTech Router for MXStream

by: Ton Zuidema

In this article I'll show you how to configure the ADSL/Cable router of E-Tech for use with ADSL by KPN (MXStream). It will take you about 5 minutes to configure the router.

Just like the Vigor 2200(E), this router is excellent for use with a home network. It comes with a 4 port 10/100 Mbps switch, with one port switchable to cross-connect. This cross feature is of special use when adding additional hubs or switches.

After the configuration, the router will handle the dialin activities for your ADSL (MXStream) connection. It also offers a additional firewall kind-a feature using NAT (Network Address Translation). It protects your home-network from attacks from the Internet.

By the way: this is a pretty cheap router/switch: app. $120.

Router resellers: You want your router on this website too? Then please feel free to contact me.

Tip: (thanks to Rob Staal for the tip!) ugrading the firmware is worth considering! Visit the eTech website and get the latest version!

ADSL - MXStream

by: Ton Zuidema


  1. What's in the box?
    - LEDs of your router
    - Backside router
  2. Hookin' up the router
  3. Configuring your router
  4. Configuring the PC's - Windows 2000/XP
  5. Configuring the PC's - Windows 95, 98 or ME

1. What's in the box?

Well, in the box you will find:

  • The router
  • a Power Supply,
  • CAT-5 UTP cable (app. 2 meters),
  • 4 rubber pads,
  • Engels manual,
  • a very brief Dutch manual (if bought in the Netherlands).
Suitable for MXStream: the eTech router

For this tutorial you will only need UTP cable, router and power supply.

The LEDs on your router

From left to right.

Shows green when the powersupply provides juice.
During initialization of the router, this LED is red. Once the initialization is completed.
Here we see two LEDs:
LINK Green if the ADSL/Cablemodem is connected properly.
ACT Blinks orange when data is exchanged between router and ADSL/Kabelmoden.
Port 1 is connected (Orange = 10 Mbps, Green = 100 Mbps) and blinks at data transfer.
Port 2 is connected (Orange = 10 Mbps, Green = 100 Mbps) and blinks at data transfer.
Port 3 is connected (Orange = 10 Mbps, Green = 100 Mbps) and blinks at data transfer.
Port 4 is connected (Orange = 10 Mbps, Green = 100 Mbps) and blinks at data transfer.
Keeps burning orange when using full-duplex data transfer between router and PC.
Blinks orange when PC and router use a half-duplex connection. Sometimes this causes so called collisions.


The backside of the router

Form the left to the right:

A switch to cross the Ethernet port nr 4. It switches between a normal (straight) connection and a uplink (crossed) connection.

4 Ethernet ports numbered 4 to 1 (For connecting your PC's).

1 WAN Port (for hookin' up the ADSL/Cablemodem).

Reset button. For restarting the router (brief single click) or restting to factory settings (keep it pressed for 3 seconds).

Hookin' up the eTech router

Pretty simple, but I'll tell you anyway:

  • Place the powersupply into the wallsocket.

  • Connect the other end to the router (the power led will now light)
    The DIAG will briefly go on and off.

  • Connect the PC(s) to the routerports (1 to 4).The LINK LED will light for the matching port when a connection is OK between PC and router (only if the PC is switched on).

  • Connect the ADSL of KPN (MXStream) Ethernetmodem to the WAN connection on the router and the "10Base T/MDI-X" connector on the Alcatel Ethernet modem ( details see ANALOG/PSTN and ISDN). The LED on the back of the Alcatel and the WAN on the router should now light up (if both devices are powered).

configuring the eTech router

Start a webbrowser on your PC, for example Internet Explorer, and open, a dialog will popup showing you a request for "User name" and "Password". Here the default values are: "Username" = "admin" and "Password" is empty (so do not enter a password).

eTech Router - Opening the webconfiguratoreTech router - Admin login

A window now aopens named: Broadband Gateway WebKiper MainPage with the "Main Settings" section displayed:

eTech Router - Main settings

Duplicate the settings show in the image above, for use with ADSL van KPN (MXStream). Copy all settings and click "APPLY".

Click the menu-button 'Login':

eTech - Login window voor de ISP

Check 'PPTP' and enter username and password.

Note: do not forget to add the @-extension to your username (for example @xs4all-adsl, @adsl-comfort, @euronet.nl-1024, @zonnet-extra, etc.). Click "APPLY" once more.

The router will now start connectiong to your ISP, the "Status Monitor" will show you if this works OK:

eTech - Status monitor

You're now done configuring your router, but still have to configure the PC's (Window 2000/XP, Windows 95, 98, and ME).

After doing so, start on the PC, a browser, for example Internet Explorer, and open a great website (http://www.weethet.nl/). The router LEDs will now reflect activity.

Tip: remove any dialup adapter on your PC and configure Internet Explorer to use LAN only!



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