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[For Alcatel SpeedTouch Home Ethernet models ONLY!]

On this page I briefly explain how to find the current version number of your Alactel SpeedTouch Home modem, and how to upgrade your modem.

Note: after you applied the Alcatel Hack, the upgrade of firmware still works just fine...

Note: To find firmware for your modem, you can either download some here or visit New Zeland DSL Information.

Note: Upgrading firmware is not with out riscs! You can render your modem useless! Read the disclaimer!

ADSL - MXStream

What version I'm I using now?

OK, go to the web-interface of your Alcatel modem. Since most users use as the IP-adres of their modem, enter this address in the "Address" or "URL" field of your favorite webbrowser.

The Web-interface will now appear.

In the lower-left corner, you will see a button called "Upgrade". Click it. Now the firmware versions will be shown ....

Software Upgrade

Active software version : Gsv7aa3.281 (919162)
Passive software version : GSV7AA3.261 (1015840)

In this example, the modem is currently using firmware GSV7AA3.281 (in short: firmware 281). This is the ACTIVE version.

There is also a PASSIVE version (261 in this example) which is not used but there to easily revert to the previous version. This can be done by clicking the "Switch over" button (don't even think about doing this!).

Which version do I need?

Well, as a rule of thumb, I start looking at the ACTIVE software version. In this example GSV7AA3.281.

To get a new version, the new version should start with GSV7AA3 as well. Your modem can have a very different character sequence!

The last 3 digits indicate the version. I'm just assuming (!) that GSV7AA3 is a firmware version tailored for either a specific operator or a specific modem hardware type (POTS or ISDN). I cannot confirm this yet!

For as far as I know - the GSV7AA3 is used for ISDN Ethernet modems used by MXStream. The GV8BAA3 series are used for POTS/Analog modems used by MXStream.

How do I upgrade?

First of all you will need the firmware file. At Weethet, you can download POTS 261, ISDN 261, POTS 281 or IDSN 281. Alternatively you can take a look at the large collection of firmwares at New Zealand DSL Information. If the file is Zipped, the unzip it first so you can access the firmware file.

Step 1: Remove the Passive firmware

This is done by clicking the "Remove passive" button.

Step 2: Select the new firmware

Click the "Browse" button and locate the firmware file (for example GSV7AA3.281), once found click the "Open" button of the file dialog.

Step 3: Start the upload

Click the "Upload" button and do not interfere - the modem will tell you when the upload is done by showing the newly uploaded firmware as the PASSIVE software.

Step 4: Activate the new firmware

Now click the "Switch over" button. A reboot warning now appears, don't click anything, just wait ... until some of the leds on the modem popup showing green leds (see What do the leds mean? for details).

Usually the webinterface recovers by itself, but just every now and then it doesn't. You might need to refresh the page to see it all.

And that's it ...

Note: as of version 281 the modem gives you a warning "WARNING : No password specified" - which is not a problem, it refers to the missing password for accessing the modem using a Telnet session.



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