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On this page ...

This hack not without risks!
All previous recordings WILL BE WIPED!

The TiVo hack continued .... Installing OS 6.2 on your TiVo harddisk.
This is the third page of the OS 6.2 hack for DirecTV TiVo's.

Don't forget to read the Disclaimer!

Read these Credits!!!!
many thanks to PTVUpgrade and the folks at DealDatabase.
Without their information, patches, hacks, tricks, and services this hack would NOT have been possible!

Note: if you prefer to use the "6.2 Slice Upgrade method" then please visit David Dellanave's page for more details.

Additional sources:
- PTVupgrade for the best upgrade kits, and their Forum
- TyTools homepage and the WeetHet - TiVo Extraction with TyTool article
- The forum at DealDatabase
- TivoCommunity

TiVo - The DirecTV Series 2 PVRs


Installing the Image on the harddrive

In order to write the image to the harddrive, we must first boot our PC using the PTVnet. This will boot the Linux operating system.

So fire up your PC and insert the PTVnet CDRom in the CDRom player so the system boots from this CD.

The PTVnet CD will flash some Linux startup messages and finally end with a text screen waiting for your input:

ISOLINUX 3.07 2005-01-12 Copyright (C) 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin           
Welcome to the PTVupgrade PTVnet boot disk!
This CD is for upgrading Series2 DirecTV DVR 6.2 systems only!
Press F1 - F2 for more information and please join our free forums
at http://forum.ptvupgrade.com if you need support.
Otherwise, please wait, or press <enter> to begin!
boot: _ 

Hit "ENTER" here.

Some interesting Linux messages will fly by, just wait until you see this screen:

* PTVupgrade PTVnet Installer                                               *
*                                                                           *
* This CD is designed for the following Series2 DirecTV DVR units running   *
* version 6.2 of the DVR system software:                                   *
* Hughes HDVR2, SD-DRV40, SD-DVR80, and SD-DVR120                           *
* Philips DSR7000, DSR704, and DSR708                                       *
* RCA DVR39, DVR40, SIR-S4080R, and SIR-S4120R                              *
* Samsung SIR-S4040R, SIR-4080R, and SIR-4120R                              *
*                                                                           *
All support for this product is provided at http://forum.ptvupgrade.com.  If
you have any questions about using this software, we recommend you proceed
there first.
Remember, by modifying the software on your DVR, you void warranty with
the manufacturer; you should always have a good backup -- life without your
TiVo is not fun!
Just hit <enter> and we will begin your PTVnet installation! _

Hit "ENTER" again here.

*                      PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                          *
*                              Disclaimer                                *
This install script is designed for installing basic networking support
on drives running version 6.2 of the TiVo/DirecTV software on select
Series2 DirecTV DVR units.  These drives are expected to have been
created from a known good backup, using standard mfstools 2.0 utilities.
Although it is possible that these tools may run successfully on an
original TiVo drive, we highly recommend not attempting your use one
and strongly recommend you follow commonly used upgrade guides to create
a backup of your existing system.  Alternatively, this CD can be used in
conjunction with a standard InstantCake 6.2 CD designed for your
particular DirecTV Series2 DVR, or in conjunction with a proper mfstools 
backup for your specific unit.  For more information on user-supplied
backups, please reboot and hit F2 for details.
We've done everything possible to fully test these utilities and ensure
they will work in a variety of configurations however we will not be
accountable should something go wrong.  If you are not comfortable with
this, please consider our other products and services.
Are you ready to have some fun? [yes, no]? _

Type "yes" and press "ENTER" after that.

*                        Let's Get Started!                              *
If you have a copy of InstantCake 6.2 and are planning on using that CD
to build a new drive set right now, you'll have the opportunity to run a
special version of InstantCake before completing the configuration.
If you are not planning on using a copy of InstantCake 6.2, we expect
that you've already created a new drive using mfstools and whatever
conventions are specified in the DIY upgrade guide of your choice.
Do you want to use your InstantCake CD to build a new drive set?
Please answer 'yes' if you have an InstantCake 6.2 CD and would like to
erase the drive(s) currently connected and start from scratch.
Please answer 'no' if you already have a drive you've built and you just
want to install the PTVnet utilities.
Are you going to use InstantCake to build a new drive? [yes, no] ? _

On the next page, PTVnet will ask you if you wish to use the InstantCake 6.2 CD, obviously the answer here will be yes.
So type "yes" and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                          Drive Connectivity                            *
How is your TiVo A drive connected to your PC right now?
Possible Choices: 
Primary Master ----> hda
Primary Slave -----> hdb
Secondary Master --> hdc
Secondary Slave ---> hdd
How is your TiVo A drive connected? [hda, hdb, hdc, hdd]? _

On this screen PTVnet wants to know how you connected your new TiVo harddisk (or disk A in a 2 disk configuration).
Since we hooked it up to the SECUNDARY IDE as a MASTER the answer here will be hdc.
Type "hdc" and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                          Drive Connectivity                            *
If your drive set consists of dual drives, they BOTH must be connected
during the software installation/configuration.  If they aren't, then
just shut down your PC, and restart it with both drives connected.
Are you going to use one or two drives in your TiVo? [1, 2]? _

The next question asks you if you are using a dual disk system.
If you are then enter "2" and press enter.

We're not focusing on the dual disk setup in this guide - though the steps will be similar.
We proceed with the 1 disk configuration so we type "1" and press "ENTER".

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE          *
At this stage, you should already have connected one or two new disk
drives to your PC.
You should also have a separate InstantCake CD already containing the
image you expect to install using this script.  If you are going to
use a different image, perhaps a backup you created, you will need
to edit this script so it points to the location of the image you are
going to use, or ensure your backup file is burned to CD, resides in a
directory named /cdrom/.images and is named TiVo.bak 
If you have already connected a drive which has been created using
mfstools, you can exit this script and just run the PTVnet installer
by either rebooting or typing PTVnet at the linux prompt.
Please hit <enter> to continue... [] ? _ 

Now we're at the point where PTVnet informing you about the use of an InstantCake image.
Hit "ENTER" to keep reading.

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE          *
How is your CD-ROM drive connected to your PC right now?
Possible Choices: 
Primary Master ----> hda
Primary Slave -----> hdb
Secondary Master --> hdc
Secondary Slave ---> hdd
Please select from the following: [hda, hdb, hdc, hdd] ? _ 

On this page, PTVnet wants to know how we connected the CDRom drive.

We hooked that one up to the PRIMARY IDE as a SLAVE, so we select hdb.
Type "hdb" and press "ENTER".

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE          *
Are you going to expand this image to fill up your drive(s) now?
Normally, you would always expand to fill up the drive(s) connected to
your PC.  A reason why you might not want to do this is because you
intend to manually add a drive later.  We recommend you just expand
right now and be done with it.
Choose E to expand or N for normal restore [E, N] ? _ 

Here PTVnet wishes to expand the image for your new drive. Enter "E" and press "ENTER".

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE          *
We'd like to increase your swap file size to the maximum size of 127MB
and normally, we do this automatically.  The one situation where this
can cause complications is if you are using only your original TiVo
drive (which we don't recommend) because it is only just large enough
for the standard image, and a larger swap file won't fit.
So, if you using a larger drive than your TiVo originally had, or larger
than for which the image you were about to install was designed to fit,
you can safely answer yes to the next question!
Do you want a 127MB swap file? [y, n] ? _

PTVnet normally increases the swapfile size on your disk. Normally (when using a disk larger than 40Gb) this is something you'd want.
So if your disk is larger than 40Gb enter "y" and press "ENTER".
If you're using the original (or other) 40Gb disk then type "n" and press "ENTER".

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE          *
If you haven't done so already, remove the boot CD from your CD-ROM drive
and replace with your InstantCake CD and you will be good to go!
Are you ready to continue? [y, n] ? _

OK, so the script is now ready to install the new image, and does need the InstantCake CDRom for that purpose.

Eject the PTVnet CDRom and place the InstantCake CDRom.

Wait a few seconds so the computer is aware of a CD change.
Once the CDRom drive settles, type "y" and press "ENTER".

PTVnet will ask again to make sure you're using the proper InstantCake image.
Verify that your model is listed.

If it's listed, type "y" and press "ENTER".
The image from the InstantCake will now be restore/installed on your harddisk.

The screen below is what my disk did - numbers will be different for your drive:

*         InstantCake(tm) from PTVupgrade              PTVnetSE        *
Your cake is in the oven! 
Please do not interrupt this process, it may take awhile...

Starting restore
Uncompressed backup size: 1453 megabytes Restoring 1453 of 1453 megabytes (100.00%) (81.22% compression) Cleaning up restore. Please wait a moment. Restore done! Adding pair /dev/hdc14-/dev/hdc15 New estimated standalone size: 130 hours (90 more)

Once the restore/install is finished, PTVnet will notify you that it's ready for the next step.

CONGRATULATIONS! InstantCake has configured your drives!
Note that capacity reported above is unlikely to be the actual capacity     
of your DirecTV unit -- hours are calculated differently than the tool
currently reports.
We will now return you to your PTVnet software installation so you can
finish updating the software on your newly configured drives!
Are you ready to continue? [y, n] ? _ 

PTVnet is ready, and wonders if you are. Type "y" and press "ENTER".

Next, a license agreement will be displayed.

Type "yes" and press "ENTER".

Next the TiVo kernel will be updated. Give it a minute and the following screen will appear:

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
Let's set a few flags which tell your unit what to do when it boots.
Please read the information associated with each question to gain a better
understanding of what we are doing.

By default your unit will be configured for DHCP. We feel that this is the easiest way to ensure your DVR is successfully configured on your network, and once it is, you can remotely access it and change your configuration to a static IP configuration, if you wish. Step-by-step instructions for identifying your DHCP IP address and changing it to a static IP address can be found at http://forum.ptvupgrade.com
Setting DHCP flag to ON...
Setting STATIC flag to OFF...            
Please type 'ok' to continue: [ok] ? _ 

PTVnet wants to set the DHCP for your network to ON and disable the STATIC IP address.
For now we will agree to this, type "ok" and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
Enabling the USBFAST flag will allow you to use USB drivers which are much
faster than the standard USB drivers included with the 6.2 version of the
DirecTV DVR software.  If you are interested in running these optimized
drivers, you should answer YES to this question.  If you are not using a
USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter or are not concerned about the potential of having
a higher bandwidth Ethernet connection to your TiVo, then answer NO.  We
recommend you only answer YES to this question if you have a Linksys USB200M
otherwise, answer NO so that you will ensure the best compatibility with your
adapter.  You can always make adjustments in the future, if you know what you
are doing.
Do you want to enable the latest and greatest USB 2.0 drivers? [yes, no] _ 

This screen asks us if we want to use USB2.0 speeds.
The answer to this question depends on your network adapter.

Note: Do not think you can use wireless using this setup - drivers for that are NOT included.

When do I select USB20?

If you have a USB 2.0 compatible network adapter like the LinkSys USB200M (NOT the version 2.0 of this adapter!!!), NetGear FA120, or Hawking UF200.

If you do not have any of these, you could try if it works with your adapter.
Failure will require you to do the whole installation again or dig into DealDatabase and figure out how this works.

If you do have one of these 3 adapters or wish to experiment if your adapter works, type "yes" and press "ENTER".
So in all other cases we enter "no" here and press "ENTER".

* PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0 *

Since you used InstantCake to prepare your drive, we are going to
set a flag called 'FIRSTIME' which tells your unit to reinitialize
a few things the first time it boots. This will save you the trouble
of having to do a 'clear and delete everything' which is typical of the
standard InstantCake build process. We don't set the FIRSTTIME flag by
default because if you do this on a drive that has recorded material on it,
you will no longer be able to view it!

Setting FIRSTTIME flag to ON...

Please type 'ok' to continue: [ok] ? _

This option sets the drive to "First-Time" mode - ie. it will save you from clearing everything.
Now the suggested saving of previous recordings is something I haven't seen working, so I prefer a clean start and type "ok" here and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
Enabling telnet will allow you to remotely log into your TiVo from a
windows or linux PC.  Telnet is what you need if you want to access your
TiVo like a server on your network.  We highly recommend you enable telnet
now if you have any intention of tinkering with your unit at a later date.  
Do you want to enable telnet on your TiVo? [yes, no] ? _ 

Do we want Telnet on our TiVo? Oh yeah! We sure do!
So we enter "yes" and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
Enabling FTP will allow you to remotely log into your TiVo from a
windows or linux PC so that you can move files to and from it as if it
were a server on your network.  This is useful if you are going to install
additional hacks on your TiVo and need to move the files over to the TiVo
prior to accessing and configuring it via the aforementioned telnet service.
FTP is NOT a tool for moving videos or other content to and from your TiVo,
but if you were to install those other types of tools, you would need to use
FTP to do so.
We recommend you enable FTP as you may need to use it in the future.
Do you want to enable FTP on your TiVo? [yes, no] ? _ 

We do want FTP - we will need it for sure somewhere in the near future!
So again type "yes" and press "ENTER".

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
TIVOWEBPLUS (with HackMan)
Enabling TiVoWebPlus will allow you to remotely access your TiVo with a
standard web browser.  TiVoWebPlus is a great way to manage the content on
your TiVo as you can sort your 'now playing' list, tag files for deletion,
set and reorder season passes, and many other useful things.
The version of TiVoWebPlus (1.2) we've provided is augmented with Hackman,
a popular, and free 'plug in' for TiVoWebPlus.  We've made a few small mods
to HackMan and TiVoWebPlus so that these applications don't accidentally
change some of the startup scripts we've created to make your unit available
on your network.  If you are an advanced user and are planning on installing
your own versions of TiVoWebPlus and Hackman, we recommend you be very
careful and that you understand the startup files prior to making changes.
We highly recommend you enable TiVoWebPlus!  Even if you are an advanced user,
you can replace the version we've installed relatively easily.
Do you want to enable TiVoWebPlus on your TiVo? [yes, no] ? _ 

OK, the next question is if we would like TivoWebPlus and HackMan to run on our TiVo.

TiVoWebPlus allows access to your TiVo using a webbrowser on your PC.
Hackman is a great tool for installing hacks.
Installing these yourself by hand is not very easy, ... so here we go again: Oh yeah!

So uh, a silly question, we type "yes" here and press "ENTER" again.

*                       PTVnet AutoInstaller 1.0                         *
*                               PTV_FLAGS                                *
Normally, it is necessary to keep your DirecTV DVR plugged into a phone line
at all times.  The only reasons for the phone line connection is so that your
DVR can connect with DirecTV billing systems so they can keep track of your
pay-per-view events.  Whenever you watch a PPV event, the information is
stored on your card, and transmitted to the DirecTV billing systems.  Of
course, if your DVR is NOT connected, the card will 'fill up' and you will
Even if you do not watch PPV, if your unit is not connected to a phone line
it will still work, but you will be 'nagged' about not having your unit
connected to a phone line.  Turning off the requirement to connect your phone
line will get rid of that 'nagging' - it will also prevent a daily call that
could trigger a software upgrade.
Turning off the requirement for the phone line does not enable you to steal PPV
events, or the DirecTV service.  You must either not watch PPV, or order PPV by
calling DirecTV or using their web site.  We recommend you disable the phone.
Do you want to DISABLE the requirement to plug in your phone? [yes, no] _ 

This feature disables the "phone home" feature of your TiVo .
Read the text carefully and see if you want this.
Personally, I'm not really into having my TiVo make long distance calls every week, plus I do not want DirecTV to update my system - possibly damaging this hack.
So I have set this to "yes" and pressed "ENTER".

Note that PPV will still work - however if you use this frequently, it WILL fill up your card.
There are (see text) other options for PPV as well.

Well, that is it!  Now its time to take the drive from your PC and install     
in your TiVo.  If it takes more than 5 or 6 minutes for your unit to boot
then you may not have connected your drives properly.  Otherwise, please
be patient while your system boots, some applications take awhile to start.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please join our free forums
at http://forum.ptvupgrade.com where there is lots of information as well
as additional assistance.
Thanks for using PTVupgrade PTVnet products!

You're now back at the shell prompt - you're done!
Type "halt" and press "ENTER".

The display will tell you when you can shutdown your computer and put the drive back in your TiVo.

We now copied the 6.2 image to your new harddrive and applied some of the basic modifications/hacks.

But we're not done yet! There are more cool hacks to be done!
First though, we'd want to make sure this worked just fine - it's time to put the TiVo back together and give it it's first run.

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Install OS 6.2 on
your TiVo harddisk




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